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Our guide to choosing paint colours

When it comes to choosing colours for your home, it can be an overwhelming decision. Read our tips on how you can choose the best interior paint colours for your home and the mistakes to avoid.

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Companion planting in May

Master your flower-cutting skills as you learn how to choose and cut the best blooms with tips from expert gardener Arthur Parkinson.

Jane Scotter: Meet our newest instructor

Meet Jane Scotter and learn how she first came to grow biodynamically as well as what she will be teaching in her Create Academy course ‘How to Grow Exceptional Produce’.

Shop the edit

Discover shoppable schemes, kit lists and ideas carefully curated by our experts.

Pentreath & Hall

Explore our favourite Pentreath & Hall products that’ll inspire your own collection.

Curtain making supplies

To get you started on your curtain-making journey, Gemma shares with you the basic sewing tools and material stores she sources from to make her beautiful curtains.

Quilting tools for beginners

Unearth the delights of snipping, sewing, and decoupaging unique textile designs onto various fabrics with Julius Arthur’s quilting tools and supplies kit.

Our essential block printing kit

Step into Molly Mahon’s vibrant world and discover her essential list of block printing supplies, designed for beginners and experienced makers alike.

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