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Embracing your garden throughout all four seasons

Dan Pearson discusses the importance of seasonality and why it’s critical that we embrace it when gardening.

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Pentreath & Hall: discover the ultimate home emporium

Pentreath & Hall is one of the most unusual and exciting homeware shops in London. Find out more about the decorative masterminds behind it all and shop our curated product collection from their newest range.

Amelia Freer’s Earl Grey Poached Pears

Amelia Freer's Earl Grey poached pears recipe Amelia Freer shows you her simple technique for poaching fruit with this delicious poached pears with Earl Grey tea recipe. Poaching fruit is a quick and easy way to make a much more interesting meal out of something as...

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Pentreath & Hall

Explore our favourite Pentreath & Hall products that’ll inspire your own collection.

Curtain making supplies

To get you started on your curtain-making journey, Gemma shares with you the basic sewing tools and material stores she sources from to make her beautiful curtains.

Quilting tools for beginners

Unearth the delights of snipping, sewing, and decoupaging unique textile designs onto various fabrics with Julius Arthur’s quilting tools and supplies kit.

Our essential block printing kit

Step into Molly Mahon’s vibrant world and discover her essential list of block printing supplies, designed for beginners and experienced makers alike.

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