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Amelia Freer’s Earl Grey poached pears recipe

Amelia Freer shows you her simple technique for poaching fruit with this delicious poached pears with Earl Grey tea recipe.

Arthur Parkinson

How to choose and cut the best flowers

Master your flower-cutting skills as you learn how to choose and cut the best blooms with tips from expert gardener Arthur Parkinson.

James Wong teaches his secrets to growing houseplants on ceramics

Bring nature indoors with a beautiful, slow-growing tropical houseplant grown on a ceramic base.

Our top seven courses to gift this Father’s Day

Featuring creative lessons to delight dads of every manner, discover seven of our favourite courses to help build their creative confidence across gardening, food, interiors and more.

Meet our latest Create Academy instructor: Julius Arthur

In celebration of his first-ever online course, we meet the House of Quinn founder who swapped menswear for quilt making.

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Anna Jones’ homemade granola recipe

Follow along with Anna Jones in this free lesson as she shows you how to batch cook scrumptious, feel-good granola.

The wonders of tamandama

Discover the beautiful technique of creating gravity-defying gardens.

Anna Jones’ Caesar salad with crispy chickpeas recipe

Discover the perfect healthy lunch from Anna Jones’ vegetarian cookbook.

Learn how to create a whimsical floral centrepiece

Follow along with Willow Crossley as she creates a beautiful flower arrangement that makes the perfect centrepiece for alfresco dining with friends, or for a whimsical wedding.

Shop the edit

Discover shoppable schemes, kit lists and ideas carefully curated by our experts.

Our essential block printing kit

Step into Molly Mahon’s vibrant world and discover her essential list of block printing supplies, designed for beginners and experienced makers alike.

Gemma Moulton’s curtain making supplies

To get you started on your curtain-making journey, Gemma shares with you the basic sewing tools and material stores she sources from to make her beautiful curtains.

Julius Arthur’s Quilting Tools for Beginners

Unearth the delights of snipping, sewing, and decoupaging unique textile designs onto various fabrics with Julius Arthur’s quilting tools and supplies kit.

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