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Guided by a selection of talented nutritionists, food writers and recipe development experts, discover seasonal articles that will inspire you to cook easy and delicious meals from scratch. Gain confidence in the kitchen to eat healthily, sustainably and responsibly through access to our favourite recipes.

Amelia Freer’s Earl Grey Poached Pears

Amelia Freer's Earl Grey poached pears recipe Amelia Freer shows you her simple technique for poaching fruit with this delicious poached pears with Earl Grey tea recipe. Poaching fruit is a quick and easy way to make a much more interesting meal out of something as...

Anna Jones’ homemade granola recipe

There’s something about wholesome, hearty granola for breakfast that you just can’t beat – and when you master the secret to cooking it perfectly, you’ll never want to eat shop-bought again.

Get to Know Amelia Freer

Get to know one of the UK’s leading nutritional therapists and strictly science-based healthy eating experts.

Understanding carbohydrates with Amelia Freer

If you find yourself having a complex relationship with carbohydrates, Amelia’s guidance throughout this free lesson will demystify the incorporation of them as part of a healthy diet.

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