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With an unwavering commitment to improving the health of our land and its biodiversity, The Land Gardeners’ approach is one of sensitivity, unparalleled expertise and, above all, a loving respect for the natural world and its preservation.

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Meet Henrietta Courtauld and Bridget Elworthy of The Land Gardeners and learn how they first came to grow cut flowers as well as what they will be teaching in their Create Academy course A Year of Cut Flowers’.

Henrietta Courtauld and Bridget Elworthy – garden designers, flower growers and compost creators – joined forces to found The Land Gardeners in 2011.

United by their passion for organically grown plants and a shared interest in soil health, Henrietta and Bridget began by growing and selling cut flowers to London’s top florists, and worked on restoring and reviving historic gardens to their former glory. “We grew cosmos that wasn’t then available commercially, Verbena bonariensis, salvias and spectacular dinner plate-size dahlias,” recalls Bridget. “Our focus was, and remains, on British flowers grown organically, in healthy soil and without chemicals.”

Most recently, they launched Climate Compost – a project born from years of inquisitive research into soil biology with the aim of creating a microbially rich compost that produces nutrient dense crops, while also supporting and boosting the local ecosystem.

Having grown cut flowers in the walled garden at Waddington Manor in Oxfordshire for the past 10 years, the pair have since moved to other locations – Chateau de la Rongère, in the North Loire region of France, a 15th-century barn and cut flower garden in Cornwall, and a garden studio in London. All three locations are used in their online course ‘A Year of Cut Flowers’, teaching you practical lessons on how to keep your home and garden full of plants, even in the winter months.

“In this course we are going to spend a whole year with you in a cut flower garden,” explains Henrietta. “We’ll start in London during the middle of winter before going down to Cornwall in spring, then on to France in summer and autumn. You’ll learn how with some simple planning, your garden can produce something to pick from in every season.”

“We’ll be discussing dedicated flower beds and the options of adding plants to an existing garden – or just planting a pot. You’ll be introduced to our favourite flowers: roses – particularly English shrub roses – dahlias, sweet peas, peonies and other, lesser-known flowers,” says Bridget. “And, most exciting of all, we’ll be sending you on a voyage of discovery from the garden planning stage to planting, picking and gathering your own beautiful blooms for arrangement,” adds Henrietta.

‘A Year of Cut Flowers’ with The Land Gardeners is currently available to pre-order with a special 15% discount until Monday 14th November.

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